Thursday, 31 May 2012

Catch us at Rivington Street Festival London!

Narzipan at Rivington 

london town
Andy Seize's London Town
We are excited to be taking part in Rivington Street Festival in Shoreditch. It's a new music and art festival on Bank Holiday Monday with a fashion boutique area in a really cool creative area of London. You will need to go early as entry is limited.

Here's a taste of what's happening there..

Our Narzipan stall will be located in the fashion market close to the two live music stages. 

As well as music there are art exhibitions, cinema screenings and lots of bars, clubs and cafes open for business to give it a real street party vibe.

Andy Seize is one of the cool artists exhibiting

Nathan Bowen's art is there too. He was featured recently on The Apprentice

After the art, music and shopping it will be time to partaaaaaaay!

It's gonna be a fun way to celebrate the Jubilee bank holiday.
See ya there!

Here's the link to Rivington's Facebook: 

Official website here:

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Saturday, 26 May 2012

K-Pop Fashion

K Pop Style!

K-Pop or Korean Pop is a fun genre of music dominated by pop, dance, r&b, hip hop that has a big electro vibe to it.

Girls Generation formed in 2007
It's funky fashion and snazzy style has made it a cool trend to be a part of.

Take a look at this Girls Generation video. It has had over 75 million views

Let's look closer at some of the bands..

Girls Generation
Chanel are fans and used some of the girls in their pop-up store in Tokyo

Girls Generation are a nine-member group formed in 2007.

Lots of fashion flavours in their Boys video starting off with a more grown-up couture vibe
The band performed this song in America on Letterman's show as they went all out for an international hit.

Sunny from the band with her Lady Gaga tribute hairstyle
Sunny has a role in the animation Koala Kid

The colours and patterns on these award winners are really something.

Girls Generation earned over $100 million in 2011

T-ara's name comes from tiara and they aim to be queens of the pop world

T-ara started in 2009 as a 5 member group but are now up to 7 girls. They trained for 3 years before their first single release.

T-ara do an 'Usher' and head to the club for this song.  

This is a more natural style that you don't often see in K-Pop shoots which can be over-themed and a bit too uniformy

Sistar are a four member group started in 2010
There is a Little Mix tone to these outfits
Sistar need a tights sponsorship like Jessie J with legs like theirs

They have moved their style on to a more grown-up vampish vibe as seen on their latest release Alone


4Minute are amazing and one of our favourites. They have the best hairstyles and their style has more depth and detail in it.

I My Be Mine is a fantastic, fun song. 

Salute the military look in this video.

This look is from their latest single 'Volume UP'

Its a big tribute to Dolce & Gabbana's scarf print SS2012 collection


G.NA is solo artist Gina Choi. Born in Canada she made her debut in 2010.

This is her song Black & White which was a smash hit in 2011

Gina's fashion has a Rock Chick vibe to it.

She freaking loves high boots

Checkout the blonde mermaid stylee hair

Let's hear it for the boys...

Big Bang

Big Bang made a big noise at the MTV EMAs by beating Britney Spears to Best Worldwide Act

Girl group SNE1 helped them make Lollipop a smash hit


The guys are trendsetters too. This band is Shinee. We really like the tartan groove as it has a Vivienne Westwood and McQ flavour to it.

Who knew metallic trousers were in on guys?


B2ST or Beast have a great emo flavour to their music. Lots of black clothing and eye shadow add a gothic influence to the band. 

A great compliment to their style is that Sex & The City stylist Patricia Field loves it. 

The single Shock is from their second mini-album and has 9 million Youtube views


K-Pop's influence is getting bigger by the day. In the spring 20,000 fans attended the first ever K-Pop festival in Europe.
Psy recently got to number 1 and has had over 400m Youtube views

A good example is Grime's Vanessa video which she describes as "a real K-Pop influenced video"

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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Narzipan's Clown Stylee

Narzipan gets serious about Clowns!

Great question Heath! We are serious about clowns because they are fun and a key influence in our Narzipan Streetwear collection. We take inspiration from the jazzy patterns, accessories, the make-up and the overall quirkiness and individuality that all good clowns possess.

Narzipan's Clown Couture Vibe

Below we take you through our 3 biggest influences: Bow ties, Harlequin pattern and make-up.

Bow Ties!

Cracking polkadots Gromit!
They have been around hundreds of years, but they are not always in fashion. Here are some cool bow tie wearing celebrities making the trend cool.

The shy and conservative Miss Jay

Cat Chic!
I ain't no clown. Me pussycat!

They don't come any cooler than singer Janelle Monae
Janelle's circus vibe means she also good at keeping it on the tightrope

Ryan Gosling cuts a dash in his
He'll Drive you crazy

Pick n mix time

Narzipan Stylee

Narzipan Leopard spots bow tie sweater

Harlequin Stylee

Kelis: Number of times you can trick her = 1

Harlequin style is diamond-patterned and multi-coloured. It's normally associated with a jester or joker costume and is often accompanied by a black mask.

Loved this more relaxed style of Alexa

Cher Lloyd wore this look on the X Factor tour 2011

Burlington have a good take on this look but we've yet to see a skater in this attire

Clown Make-up!
Cirque du Soleil are the renegade masters at clown makeup

If you like my hair....
Can I get a "boom"?!

Violinist Hahn-Bin is an artist in so many ways

A child protege he has entertained and moved the world since the age of 12

There's more than a touch of Marilyn Manson influence in this magazine shoot

Alexander McQueen portrayed sorrow in 2009
Don't worry, be happy

Lipstick can be used to show arousal and attract guys

In medieval times lipstick was banned by the church as it was seen as 'an incarnation of Satan'

Maybe the church was right..

This is what happens when you privatise the NHS
batman joker heath ledger
"I'll get the waiting lists down for you alright"

This is how Narzipan puts the whole look together


Katy Perry rocks the clown look perfectly

Dumbo is our favourite clown btw

We also like the Mime Thug from Tangled 

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