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Grunge Style

Grunge music started in Seattle and was at its peak from the mid 80s to the mid 90s. A mix of indie rock, punk and metal, many of its songs dealt with anxiety, anger, frustration and social alienation. Nirvana above and Courtney Love below are it's icons. 
Grunge fashion style has still continued as a trend and is a big influence in some of our Narzipan clothes especially our draped designs. We appreciate the non-conforming attitude, the anti-commerce and anti-fame/celebrity vibe of its pioneers. Below we'll take a look at how grunge started and who still rocks the trend now.

Nirvana are the Gods of Grunge. The Seattle superstars album Nevermind has sold over 30m copies worldwide

74m youtube views.
Ripped denim and dressing for the outdoors was a very prominent look.

Lank hair and bleached hair were major trends. Baggy jumpers and cardies were worn to threads.

Some unusual poses here.

Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam is another Seattle band and they formed in 1990. Their 'Ten' album is one of grunge's defining moments too.

Courtney Love

Courtney formed the band Hole in 1989. She married Kurt in 1992.

She would burn the ends of her hair with a cigarette for her unique look.

Their 1991 album Live Through This has sold millions of copies.

In the pics below you will see so many of them influenced by Courtney's style and spirit.

Babes in Toyland

Babes in Toyland are the band from Minnesota that kicked their friend Courtney Love out in 1989! Check the dreads!

Grunge Fashion Now
Grunge style is still around in various forms. It's often more glam and less baggy especially on celebrities.

Rita Ora & Rihanna

Mary Kate Olsen

Alice Dellal

Our blog heroes models Tara Gill And Jenny Albright

Johnny Depp

Wiz Khalifa

On the catwalk

Some images from cool tumblr site

More cool grunge peeps

Surely the most stylish homeless person in the world. Brother Sharp makes his looks from discarded clothing

Narzipan Grunge
Both our couture collections are influenced by Grunge fashion.

In our street wear collection it influenced the leather draping and baggy style of the clothes.

Narzipan Grunge Jewellery
Our hand-made jewellery will help you accessorize your grunge stylee.


Meadham Kirchhoff did an amazing Courtney Love tribute for their s/s2012 collection. Bleached blonde hair and bright red lipstick everywhere.

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