Monday, 23 July 2012


Delilah is most famous for her solo song 'Go' which came out last year. It has a great vocal performance that quickly seduces you into liking the song and singer.

Delilah is 21 and from London. Her music is incredibly varied and influenced by many genres.

'Breathe' is the first single from her much anticipated new album.

Before 'Go' Delilah featured on Chase & Status hit 'Time.'

Having seen her live we we're really impressed by how good her voice is. It's excellent and capable of belting out songs as well as having a sultry tone when required.

She has an urban vibe in her clothes and loves denim.

Our favourite Delilah song is 'Love You So'

The album From The Roots Up is out on 30th July.
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  1. Cool On Demand!23 July 2012 at 19:45

    Oomph! I like this girl! Her album cover is so damn clever and she makes rough studded denim look so elegant! That voice!

    1. She's amazing live. Crystal clear voice, playful mood and slinky dancing! Touring in October.