Monday, 15 April 2013

Hipster Style

So you want to be a hipster eh? Interesting! 
Let us help you scratch that subcultural itch.

Think you can be independent, individual and liberal minded?
Into alternative lifestyles, indie movies and fashion quirkiness? Adore a bit of vintage too?

Then let us begin!

Hipster Fashion
Tyra says that you need to rock it 'H to T' when it comes to styling 

So let's get some shades.

Wayfarer sunglasses have been around since 1956! They peaked in the 80s and are now back with a vengeance.

Andrew Garfield in NYC.

Taylor Swift's cutesie tone.

Emma Watson

@ki_zy's perfect smile

Iconic JFK.

Bead these in your life?

Prefer to be a Moscot Specsy Beast?

Being mainstream never occurred to this King of Cool.

Theophilus London is super-de-dapper!

"The clothes don't make the man, it's the man that makes the clothes". 

Jessica Alba

These babies have been scientifically proven to raise your visual IQ by up to 25 points.

Shoes are the easiest way to access the look.
They set the tone for the whole skinny jean/trouser silhouette.
Converse are perfect for the hipster culture. Lots of varieties and styling options to keep them fresh.
You have to like old cameras too.
Graphics and colour pop get extra cred points.

Give you a wedgie? Ash black heels $180


Vans are not far behind in popularity.
Then a hero comes along with the strength to carry on.

Or will Jessie J do you?

Don't forget to break them in.

Supra shoes are smokin too.

Bit of plaid for the dapper dudes.

Slogan Tees
Think classic bands and movies.
Jessica R's Brashy Couture tee.

Palace T-shirts

The brand that famous hipsters can't live without.

A$AP Rocky


Go for statement denim or clean and pristine.
Solange Knowles masterclass.

@ki_zy accessorising it to the max.
Spring finally being spring 😎 (at Bond St)
Cool pic from her tumblr kizyjhess 

Topshop Overalls/DungareesRachel Roy Gemma HeelsCeline Trapeze BagStripe by N Striped Blazer via (image: songofstyle)
Express yourself.

April 77

Zac Efron is famous for wearing this denim powerhouse.

It's hard to put my 'finger' on what I like so much about April 77.

Hopefully this brand is really your 'thing'.

Hipster is just one of  Rihanna's fashion tribes.
H to T Hipster.
Teyana Taylor

Lots of inspiration here.
Dominique N is the definition of a trendsetter.

Kavita D styles the bag and hipster tee to perfection.

Kendall C gets better and better.

Van Anl H's kwl loafers.

Jennifer W's cat ear beanie.


Jennifer Hope Clothing has a cool Topshop collection.


Accessorise with Beats.

Kanken rucksacks are de rigeur fyi.
Lay out dat hipster uniform.
Statement beanie and footwear a must.
A little bird told me this one is top notch.

Hipster Flavours
Now you're ready to let a hipster influence colour your outfits.

Kendall C

Hippie Vibes

Vintage Hipster

Taylor Swift and Jennifer W.

Lana Del Rey

Retro Cameras
An alternative to headphones. Choose your weapon carefully.

First up you are going to have to delete any 1D, Bieber or Gaga songs off your Ipod. There are too popular and mass market you see. You gots to be more individual than that. 

Rapper Angel Haze will now be your idol.
"Sick bitch. Chicken noodle soup face" is your new catchphrase.

Azealia Banks's album needs to be on your wishlist.
M.I.A. Mermaid-in-Action
They don't come hipper than Sky Ferriera

Lianne La Havas

Love her True EP.

Darwin Deez
Hipster on your 'radar detector'.

The soundtrack, the jacket, the Gosling.

Shame was a surprise hit in 2012.
Mulligan again.


Name-drop Portlandia and Breaking Bad

Vogue March - Solange/Theophilus London for Kenzo
Solange and Theo were Vogue's hipster icons in March.
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  1. Aha love it! Cara is rocks the hipster look amazingly xx