Saturday, 12 May 2012

80s and 90s Fashion!

80s and 90s Stylee Rocks!!

Our love for the 80s and 90s runs deep, especially for the movies and fashion. Our Narzipan Streetwear is always influenced by these decades of fashion glory as we modernise it and give it a hip new twist. We are not the only fans as you will see in the pictures below the vibrant colours and fun styling of 80s and 90s are big influences on current pop stars and fashionistas too.

Big Influence: Fresh Prince of Bel Air

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is a fave and it ran from 1990 to 1996. It was the big break for Will Smith but it was not all about him as many people watched and copied diva Hilary's style. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air fashion was colourful, loud and funky. You can see some influence in Cher Lloyd's eclectic style now below.


Bananarama signature look in the 80s 

Narzipan digs this vibe 

I scream, you scream, someone stole this van that sells ice cream 
This van was stolen from the Custard Factory after our photo shoot
Tailored jackets with prominent shoulder pads was a key Hilary Banks trend. A cool hat would add interest and personality.

The Prince never did monochrome...

Nor do Stooshe now
It can also mean stoned or stashed away too
Narzipan also likes colour with zing

Cher takes it to another level with that magenta microphone

The colour printed t-shirt is everywhere nowadays.
Big earrings will get you big attention 

Flamboyant Footwear!
The prevalence of high tops on the high street is another tribute to the past.

Bow ties are one of Narzipan's signatures. We love the fun they add to clothes.

Narzipan Sweater

Fresh Prince Tropical Influenced Baseball Caps

Denim Ruled the 80s World

Denim could not be escaped in the 80s and early 90s. Double denim, jackets, shorts, jeans and waistcoats created a denim overload.

Salt-n-Pepa Pushin it Real Good

Salt-n-Pepa formed in 1985 and carried on until 2002 before reforming in 2007
Little Mix looking good on last year's X Factor

More stonewash denim at their single launch
Rihanna adds class to her outfit with snappy accessories
The movie BIG was released in 1988 taking $150m at the box office
Tom Hanks was nominated for an Oscar for Big and has since won Best Actor twice

Rizzle Kicks just need that big piano to do their version of Chopsticks

Rizzle Kicks are inspired by old school hip-hop from the late 80s and early 90s. They have sold 1 million records worldwide.

Screeeeeeech!! It's Saved By The Bell!

Saved by the Bell originally aired in 1989 to 1993. The College Years and then the New Class took it right up until 2000.
Liza "Teenage Mutant Ninja"Turtle
This picture is from Victoria Secret's show in 2011. It could easily be a Saved by the Bell resort party
We like Rihanna too much to not include her again
These are from a Terry Richardson photo shoot
On the We Found Love video shoot the high-waisted skirt was the right way to go
Denim, varsity jackets, pumps, colour basics and scrunchies are your way to achieve the Saved by the Bell look.


Take the colour, add denim and finish with current footwear fetish trend creepers to make it 2013 stylee like Azealia Banks

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  1. Loving that post (:
    and the cher lloyd reference ;)
    oh and Fresh prince, that's just a legendary show XD

    1. Thanks Alexandrah! You're right Fresh Prince was too cool. We included Cher as we know you and Bambino like her so much x

  2. Hi! There was a 90's looking vintage jacket that Gizele Oliveira wore to the Milan Fashion week and it looks like it's your brand. I can't seem to find it anywhere though. How can I get a hold of it? Thanks <3

    1. Hi! That jacket is very much Narzipan style but unfortunately is not one of ours this time. I don't think the street photographers asked her the jacket brand as I tried googling it for you xx