Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Sui He

She's the girl who dreamed of being a business woman and idolised Kate Moss. She's one of H&M's New Icons and ranked 13 on Models.com. She's Sui He!
Sui prefers editorials to the catwalk and with these fab shots for Harper's Bazaar China you can see why.
Modelimg since 2007 it was 2011 that seen Sui make her mark with walks for Dolce & Gabbana and Ralph Lauren.
She debuted for Victoria's Secret the same year. She's only the second Chinese model to do so and she continues to wow for VS.
Love these punk vibes for JPG.
Her Vogue China by Testino was super stylish.

Hey Sui He lady! Womp! Womp! Womp!
Uh-huh honey!
V Vixen
Vogue China. Sui is a judge on China's Next Top Model.
Her Numero shoot highlighted her versatility.
The famous JPG corset.

Victoria's Secret
Sui's been an angel for 3 years now.
She brings class and grace to the looks.
Bling Pirate!
She rocks D&G!

Flapping with Du Juan.
Super Saint Laurent! With Ming Xi for Elle China.
Starring in H&M's New Icons range.

H&M Year of the Horse campaign is fun and sweet.

Emanuel Ungaro
With Malaika Firth and Devon Windsor
LBDs and Omddddddsss

I feel like this when they shampoo my hair at the hairdressers. Want conditioner love?
Glass magazine

Grab those quiet moments when you can.
The Real Sui Shady.

Blue Supremo!
Denim diva.
Sui He
With Liu Wen
With Ji Hye Park

Black Attack!

Perfect Parka
Million dollar smile.

Kisses to you!

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Thursday, 20 February 2014


Hat's off to the exciting new rapper in town Lizzo!
She's for fans of Missy Elliott they say. That's a nice compliment and a fair one. She's hip hop with flair, fun and experimentation.
Sophia Eris makes a splash with Lizzo in her biggest song to date.

Let's get straight into 'Batches and Cookies'. It's funny!

Shout out for my fantastic debut album 'Lizzobangers' last year.
Get this gal on the catwalk. Come on Louis Vuitton! 
Great dancing needs great carbs.
Cruisin for a boozing.
'And you high of that doobie doobie
With your Mystery Machine Scooby'
Get ready to Grrrl Prty!
Sophie Iris and La Manchita are co-members.
With Sway.
They'll batter ya!

Check out #Laab. One for the dance floor.

Cool hair by maridoeshair

Identify the 'next big thing' s'il vous plait.
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