Saturday, 1 February 2014

Prada Printed Jackets Spring 2014

Who deserves these kwl jackets more?
The guys?
Or the Girls?
Prada mixed things up on their Menswear Spring 2014 show and did so with flair and panache. Malaika was perfect for the exotic yet dark paradise vibe of the prints on show.
'Zis arrogance is zot easy'

Dazed & Confused
This great shot of Laura and Georgia is part of an exquisite feature in February's Dazed & Confused magazine.
Angels bomber jacket above. Louis Vuitton below.
Dior jacket.

Girl Scouts we salute you!
Saint Laurent style topped with a Vivienne Westwood beret.
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  1. Such an awesome collection! one of the best M.Prada ever did. I'd love to sneak one of the jackets;)