Saturday, 30 March 2013

Jeremy Scott

CL from 2NE1 pops up in the latest i-D magazine sporting Jeremy Scott's Fall 2013 looks.
It's an attention grabbing style that would suit Nicki Minaj too.
You've seen nothing Yet-i!
This was a great photo from a previous 2NE1 shoot.
Lead singer Park Bom stands out in these photos for me.

Park Bom
Blackjacks and camo overload.


Cara Delevingne led the way on the catwalk back in February.
Punk vibes.
Cara gets the poses flowing backstage.

Lindsey Wixson suited the styling and make-up.
Zip it shrimpy!
Charlotte Free a joy.

Bite me!
This was cute.
Controversy over Jeremy's use of artwork though. The skateboard scene is a big love and influence of Jeremy's but some are very unhappy with his copying of Jim Phillips and Jimbo Phillips classic artwork. The images were used without permission or payment.
A collaboration would have been the right thing to do.

A$AP's pretty chilled about that though.

Checking out the menswear in New York with CL.
Complex mag collab.
A$AP Ferg, Wacka Flocka and A$AP with The Chief.
Dara from 2NE1 goes all G in the Adidas lettering trainers.

Iggy Azalea
Iggy's new video 'Work' sees Jeremy front and centre.

Kat Graham nails it!
Rita Ora likes dem pants too. Theophilus London smooth as per usual.
Street Style.

The black adidas tracksuit was teamed with Dolce & Gabbana for Jolin Tsai's Vogue Taiwan cover. 

Still not used to Leigh Lezark as a blonde.
Jade from Little Mix shows off the tee.

Shoe Time!
'What's up Dawggggggg?'
Adidas Camo Bear

Charlotte Free Panda style.
Plaid for the Grungers.
Butterfly wings.
Enough to make ya cross-eyed.

Remember to do the i-D wink/one-eyed vibe.
Luca Finoti with CL.

We got our love for Jeremy Scott from kwl posts on  My Palace of Alice. Check her out! 

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Sunday, 24 March 2013

K Pop Fashion

'Dare mo ga butterfly butta spider!' 
sing Girls Generation on their Flower Power single. It's defo a warning we should heed! We thought we'd do another K-Pop blog after last May's popular post. Are you ready?! 
If you shop in H&M then you will have heard Flower Power and tried your best to sing along. Ah ah ah. Ah ah ah! 

'Do you wanna be my lover?'

Girls Generation released their 4th album on New Year's Day. The 9 girls are also known as SNSD.
24 year old Taeyeon is leader of the band.
Fab belt.
They have just done a second Japan arena tour.
They have sold tens of millions of albums since they formed in 2007.

Nice pic of Jessica.
Tiffany bling.

Rainbow colours.
Sunny's smile.

'I Got A Boy' is there newest video. 45 million views.

Street style maxed!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Does she have an Uncle Fester? Probably! Kyary is a Fashion Monster in this video. Japanese sensation Kyary is an icon from Tokyo's Harajuku district.
She started out as a fashion blogger which next led to modelling then singing.
Gwen Stefani influence here.

Addams family vibes in 'Fashion Monster'

'Bat' hair day.
Crazy lips/teeth.
She takes her cuddlies EVERYWHERE.

Girl's Day
Girl's Day are now a band of four after Jihae left the group last fall.
Jeremy Scott flavour to their style.

'Don't Forget Me' is their 5th single.

Babydoll dresses to go cute.

You need a cool jacket and snazzy denim to party with B.A.P.

Life's tough on the streets for them in 'One Shot'

Lee Hi
Check that cuddly headband! Lee Hi is only 16 and released her first single 1,2,3,4 last October.

'It's Over' is her new single

Breaking up is unbearable.

She's ok now though.

credit to everyonedeservelove on tumblr
Feeling these?
Her future's rosy.

Not everyday you see girlie leggings on a superband!
Shinee have always had a passion for patterns.

Let's see those legs in action. 'Dream Girl'

There is a Cheryl Cole street dancing vibe to BoA but with a ballad twist. BoA stands for Best of Asia & Beat of Angel.
She's the queen of K-Pop with over 10m sales so far.

'Only One'

Hyuna is a member of girl group 4minute. You should recognise her from Gangnam Style!

Peeps lovin Hyuna's 'Ice Cream' to the tune of 40m views.

Her rapping skills mean that she's compared to Nicki Minaj by some.
She definitely seems more confident and individual than many other acts.

Can't wait for new material from Big Bang!

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