Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Givenchy Fall 2013

This sweater and indeed Givenchy show was one of the highlights of all the fashion weeks. It will be worn to death by fashionistas and imitateded by those far less original.

I really liked the skirt Fei Fei Sun modelled.
Can that Bambi sweater rival the Kenzo tiger?
In his 8 years at Givenchy Riccardo Tisci has wowed with a dark, tough and stylish vision. A beautifully cut jacket below. A dream to wear I bet.
Maria Borges had a rocking skirt too.
Wonderful detailing
An unusual take on grunge below.
I would like to see the skirt in a more romantic vibe. Pretty.
Check the zip trim. That's creative baby. Love the shape it gives the skirts. Striped snakeskin booties you Slytherin Stunners.
This girl is on firrrrreeee!
Italian Gothic Horror Story.
Onion ring hair anyone? 
Prefer Ming Xi's cooler flavour?

Seriously kwl peeps attended this show. Jessica Chastain above looked lovely.
Frank Ocean swimming deep in style.
Amanda Seyfried you vixen!
Classy Ciara.
Sky Ferreira nailing glam grunge.
What the hell is going on here though?

Can't finish with that pic!
Here's Rihanna on top form in Givenchy Haute Couture
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  1. I love the Bambi sweater - I WANT IT! Why don't I have money? :')
    Also the swirly black skirt worn with the fire sweater is beautiful :) xx

    1. Romwe will make a version of Bambi in 6 months I reckon. Love the skirt too, the hems are so clever :) Xx

  2. Massive fan of this Givenchy collection! love that sweat and hope Romwe makes a version of it :)x

    1. Maybe that boyfriend of yours will buy you one like he did with the Kenzo sweater! xx