Monday, 11 March 2013

Rainy Milo

Rainy Milo reminds us of Jake Bugg. She's super-talented, a brilliant singer, a songwriter with real depth and a teenage act that does not annoy. A rarity!
Whereas Jake has Nottingham as his inspiration for his tunes Rainy has her experiences in Croydon to draw on. Only 17, her lyrics and style reflect her eclectic influences and an determination to keep learning and make music to be proud of.  
Rainy's most famous for her song 'Bout You'. A dreamy tune with sweet echoes of Amy Winehouse.

'Bout You'

Rainy loves music by Corine Bailey Rae, N.E.R.D, Warpaint, The Internet, Kid Cudi, Tupac, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, MJ and SBTRKT. 
A wide variety of influences is great for giving her music different flavours such as jazz, indie, hip hop, r&b and trip hop.  
A beautiful, stunning voice that you'd love to hear close up is what lifts her above the crowd. Her debut ep Limey can be downloaded here: Rainy's soundcloud

That famous bleached dip dyed hair.

'This Thing of Ours' is wistful and wonderful.

Rainy's style is influenced by her love of 'charity shops in rich areas', vintage gems, high street shops and a kwl street vibe.
A love of Nike trainers.
Rainy has a chic taste in fashion. Faves include Chanel, Kennzo, Miroslav Duma, street style and cute minimalist looks.

Louis Vuitton vibe. Just need a twin and an escalator.

Rainy has a Caribbean and English background.

Rita Ora vibes with her sister.
Me and Tyler Phoenix !
She's a big fan of Mac make-up.

Most of these pics are from Rainy's tumblr
Terry Richardson vibe.

Pet lover!

QVC for cats!


You can catch Rainy in May at the Field Day London festival.
Just watch her take off.

Rainy's twitter
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  1. shes breathtaking! fabulous post hunni

    much love from NYC oxo