Sunday, 24 March 2013

Graffiti Girl Toofly

It's kwl to be different. Growing up in NYC in the 90s when hip hop is in full glorious flow and you are one of the few pioneering girl graffiti artists, definitely puts Toofly in the kwl camp.
For starters check out her freaking cardboard artwork.
 'Dream Catcher'
Alicia Keys invited Toofly to work her magic at Swiss Beatz's recent birthday party.
Thanks to ladies love project on tumblr for this pic
Wicked birthday present!
Toofly was born in Ecuador and raised in NYC.
Her mom would act as her 'lookout' on rooftops on night time art excursions.
On the way to school in Queens she would be inspired by track side graffiti.
Strong women, amazing hair and stunning make-up make for iconic images.

Big earrings are a Toofly signature.
This is stunning.
You can see her working on RUN DMC portraits here.
They did not prove 'tricky'.

'Made in Manhattan'
Toofly street art in NYC Girls on Walls, Part VII: Toofly, FKDL, Lady Aiko, Hef, Russell King, Shiro and King Bee

2010's Heartbreaker
Denzel Washington would have looked 'Unstoppable' on this train
Astoria, Queens beauty.
Eye-catching body of work.
Power print.

Take a group of talented female artists from 9 different countries to collaborate on an astonishing mural art project in Peru.
Nosostras Estamos en La Calle Lima Peru 13
Start small.
Toofly Lima Peru
Then dream big!
Nosotras Estamos En La Calle - Lima Peru 13
Get the full story on Toofly's blog.

She has created some hip designs for the kidrobot series. 

"You want me to cancel your birth certificate son?"

She designs t-shirts too.

Be inspired and give Banksy a run for his money.

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  1. Wow she's amazing, totally inspiring :3
    Definitely going to check her blog out xx

    1. She's a proper business woman and has set up charities etc. Very kwl :) xx