Monday, 31 August 2015

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley For Harper's Bazaar

A hugely impressive shoot by Rosie for Harper's Bazaar September issue really caught my eye. Above in my favourite designers D&G for a sweet look and below in what has to be my favourite Dior look since Raf Simons took the helm. A perfect blend of modern feminism without being too minimal. A seriously influential look.
Rosie's Marks & Spencer collaboration is a credit to her for the effort she puts into the collections.
 A strong performance in Mad Max Fury Road should hopefully lead to similar roles and not more Transformers type parts. 
This is the best I have seen McQueen look in ages. A fairytale look but not OTT.
These Max Mara coats are well on the way to iconic status. The pink is a fresh colour too compared to the normal beige.
Nice styling with Amy Adams Fall 2015 campaign too.
Saint Laurent wows with this wool jacket and tulle dress look.

More Rosie
Quite a fashion moment in Paris this year.
Kate Moss vibes here
I really like this look. Imposing in a good way.
A class look. Love how the material sits and it's fit.
Quite striking for Balmain.
Clueless vibes!
Simple yet chic.
A stunning maxi dress.
Super slouchy

Also in that September issue is Katy Perry styled as Elizabeth Taylor. Maybe acting is worth a go KP.

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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Allie X

It's been interesting watching the career of Foxes recently. She seemed to struggle to follow up smash hit 'Youth' with a similar vibe and quality. I found her image and make-up in the song 'Let It Go For Tonight' to be a cliche and not reflective of her personality. 

Her recent fashion collaboration with H&M was good though and new tune 'Body Talk' is decent. Anyway to get to the point Canadian singer Allie X reminds me of Foxes!

An atmospheric voice and evocative lyrics are reflected in 'Catch'.

"My hands are tied behind my back.
I'm paralysed, my heart attacks.
It seemed to me you were the one.
Turns out you shot me up for fun."

"Thought you got away with murder.
Left me at a loss for the words.
Just wait until I catch my breath.
Wait until I catch my breath".
Love hurts!
Heartbreak is a common theme reflected in 'Tumor'.
"When this is over, I'll need a surgery
Cause you were a tumor
You'll leave a hole inside of me
It’s high risk, not hopeless, I'm conscious
When this is over, when this is over
I'll still be letting it grow".

Damn those cheats causing huge NHS waiting lists for tumor removals!

Loving the lace and the red lipstick.

Like Quasimodo she believes in 'Sanctuary'. Another good tune.

Synth-pop can be excellent when done like this and by artists such as Chvrches.

Make a spectacle of yourself.
What's causing the freaky shadow? Godzilla or another pointless re-make?
I want some fed up glasses too.
These are from the wistful/bored range. 
Alas the excruciating wait for the ASOS parcels.

Grab a kwl tee on Allie's current US tour.
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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Peter Pilotto SS15

You either progress or decay in life, there's no standing still! The dynamic duo behind Peter Pilotto have brilliantly advanced their designs on from those kwl futuristic digital prints that they are so renowned for.
They referenced the Sixties for the SS15 collection but were not a slave to the decade. "We wanted to take aspects reminiscent of that era to a new place. We were fascinated by the images of the rainbow warriors of the Sixties and the crazy colours and graphics associated with them".
It's brilliantly done and I love the detailing and pattern work for its freshness and individuality.
For me this is the type of fashion that should be experimented with at festivals instead of repeating boho fringing like some kind of endless fashion banality loop.
Party dresses that are fun and full of personality.

Celebrities such as Zendeya have elevated the looks with great style and brightness.
Zendeya Coleman in Peter Pilotto
Lily Aldridge gave this look an exotic flavour.
Lily Aldridge in Peter Pilotto
Bella Thorne nailed the styling with this look.
Bella Thorne in Peter Pilotto
Accept those plaudits. You deserve them.
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Saturday, 6 June 2015

CFDA Awards Red Carpet Fashion 2015

Jhene Aiko
I preferred Rodarte in their early days when they had that cool grunge/punk aesthetic. They have changed themes with great creativity in their collections but I have not always been a fan of them. This is refreshing, fun and that detailing is unique.
Amanda Seyfried in Rodarte
This is why Michael Kors makes money. Classy but not unobtainable. A bit like myself!
Gigi Hadid in Michael Kors
I didn't feel Diane Kruger's Cannes outfits but this demands attention. A less provocative thigh split and tailoring gives a wonderfully flattering look.
Diane Kruger in Prabal Gurung
Now these are the kind of boots ootd posters put on only for a shoot to get lots of likes and attention. Of course they take them straight off after the shoot. Is there a point to doing fashion that way?
This is bad times. At least Victoria kept hold of him though.
Hamish Bowles & Victoria Beckham
Karlie continues to rock the Taylor Swift influence. They best not do that twin dressing thing!
Karlie Kloss in DVF
Smile more please Anna. You can be fun! I think the guy with the mic has just seen Hamish's suit, Radio for backup boy!
I am a big fan of Coco Rocha but it's been some time since she's basked in the spotlight.
I really like this look by January Jones and she seems so happy and confident. Luxe fabrics compensate for a more laid-back theme.
January Jones in J Mendel
Symmetry is not always a good thing. Those V's point like a 'you are here' sign.
Natasha Poly in Michael Kors
Very flattering with a matt sheen that stops that quality street vibe.
Josephine Skriver
A really kwl look Tinashe. Stylish and with character.

Everyone was glad to see the back of this look.
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