Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Peter Pilotto SS15

You either progress or decay in life, there's no standing still! The dynamic duo behind Peter Pilotto have brilliantly advanced their designs on from those kwl futuristic digital prints that they are so renowned for.
They referenced the Sixties for the SS15 collection but were not a slave to the decade. "We wanted to take aspects reminiscent of that era to a new place. We were fascinated by the images of the rainbow warriors of the Sixties and the crazy colours and graphics associated with them".
It's brilliantly done and I love the detailing and pattern work for its freshness and individuality.
For me this is the type of fashion that should be experimented with at festivals instead of repeating boho fringing like some kind of endless fashion banality loop.
Party dresses that are fun and full of personality.

Celebrities such as Zendeya have elevated the looks with great style and brightness.
Zendeya Coleman in Peter Pilotto
Lily Aldridge gave this look an exotic flavour.
Lily Aldridge in Peter Pilotto
Bella Thorne nailed the styling with this look.
Bella Thorne in Peter Pilotto
Accept those plaudits. You deserve them.
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  1. How cool are their designs. It's so fresh, innovative, colorful and sooo playful. I would definitely wear this!