Tuesday, 29 October 2013

K-Pop Fashion

How about a little a/w fashion Korean style?!
Let's see who's rocking what in the K-Pop universe.

Go With f(x) For Tartan

'Rum Pum Pum Pum'.

Statement tees done with flair.
Leopard spots all round. Brilliant!
Play ball!

G-Dragon For Punk in Crooked

G-Dragon will mess you up in his latest video 'Crooked'.
Run from the filth!

Dude do not attempt to come in here in that coat! Ah-ah-ah!


I'm warning blue!
Now scream!

Girls Generation For Metallics
Coloured trousers are still a vibe in Korea.

'Galaxy Supernova'

Choose your hair colour now!
Now highlight your legs.

Prints perfection.
Get real when it's time to party tho.

Exo For Suit & Ties
Orange is the new black judging by their hair.
Formed in 2011 they made their debut in 2012.

Cool Street Style

Get psychedelic.
Even the drink clashes!

J Pop's Momoiro Clover Z for Gaga Style

Think Bad Romance in space to get this vibe.
Tutus a gogo!

Bet her name's Ruby.

Intensive fashion beauty sleep.

'Neo Stargate'

A little Halloween idea for you.
Use every weapon in your fashion armoury to attract paparazzi.

For Glam & Glitter Turn To Ailee

Y'all ready for the Korean Beyonce?

Born in Denver Ailee moved to Korea to take her career to the next level in 2010 and made her debut last year with 'Heaven'.

Like the cuff.

'Doll House'.

She suits the Rita Ora/Rihanna denim and beanie style.

Ace Lace.

Gangsta paradise.


Look no further than our own A*M*E for fashion statements that match her wonderful blend of pop.

Lush lips and statement jewellery.

TLC top for Daily Mail shoot.

With Foxes

Another hit with 'Heartless'.

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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Lazy Oaf

Dress £65
Bit of a weirdo are we?
Wear your heart on your ass rather than your sleeve?
Lazy Oaf Black Heart Shorts
Black heart shorts £55
Lazy too?
shorts £55
Then you must be a Looney Tune!
Looney Head Shirt £65
Kwl and quirky label Lazy Oaf have just launched a groovy collaboration with Looney Tunes full of fun pieces and oddball accessories.
Sweatshirt £58 Mini skirt £45
Grab a Bugs Bunny fur coat for £155

Get despicable with Daffy.
Lazy Oaf x Looney Tunes Duck Bill Bobble Hat
Duck Hat £20
Be a devil with Taz.
Shirt £38
Tweet yerself for £65

Make up your own pun for these.
Leggings £48
Be Pepe's 'belle femme skunk fatale' for £60

Leggings £48

Lazy Oaf's Nasty Gal pieces are brilliant too.

Need Halloween ideas?
kitty bralet £35
Make like Sky Ferreira in these winter looks.

Mosh pant leggings £45

Do you dare to do tartan and leopard spots trends simultaneously?
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