Saturday, 26 October 2013

Lazy Oaf

Dress £65
Bit of a weirdo are we?
Wear your heart on your ass rather than your sleeve?
Lazy Oaf Black Heart Shorts
Black heart shorts £55
Lazy too?
shorts £55
Then you must be a Looney Tune!
Looney Head Shirt £65
Kwl and quirky label Lazy Oaf have just launched a groovy collaboration with Looney Tunes full of fun pieces and oddball accessories.
Sweatshirt £58 Mini skirt £45
Grab a Bugs Bunny fur coat for £155

Get despicable with Daffy.
Lazy Oaf x Looney Tunes Duck Bill Bobble Hat
Duck Hat £20
Be a devil with Taz.
Shirt £38
Tweet yerself for £65

Make up your own pun for these.
Leggings £48
Be Pepe's 'belle femme skunk fatale' for £60

Leggings £48

Lazy Oaf's Nasty Gal pieces are brilliant too.

Need Halloween ideas?
kitty bralet £35
Make like Sky Ferreira in these winter looks.

Mosh pant leggings £45

Do you dare to do tartan and leopard spots trends simultaneously?
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  1. I HEART Lazy Oaf! Sometimes I feel we were seperated at birth, ha!



  2. Cool prints! I especially love the check ones;)