Friday, 28 June 2013

Shark T-Shirts

Big Bang's Taeyang
The fashion world is full of sharks, predators and (trend)hunters. If you don't want to be the prey then grab one of these tees and get sharkin!

Celebrity jeweller Ben Baller in Givenchy's hit sweater.ben-baller-givenchy-shark-sweater-hermes-belt-treated-snapback-mano-bird

Grab the tee from Zara for £9.99
Image 1 of SHARK T-SHIRT from Zara
Jerina L's shirt is from H&M 
Willabelle hides hers under a cool fast food sweater. Both from Rook.
Annette glams up her Zara tee with killer shoes.
Shark Style by ASOS
Emma Cook's sweater is £122.50
The silk kaftan is £298
Sharks snapback £25

Leopard shark bag £60

Grab Pulp's Aahh! shirt for £19.99
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M.I.A Bring The Noize

Oh Mathangi! You really have been M.I.A Missing In Action since the bangin 'Bad Girls' tune and guest appearance on Madonna's 'Give Me All Your Luvin'.

So it really is time for you to 'Bring the noize when we run upon them!' with your cyber punk hair et al.

The crazy good 'Bring The Noize'.

It's a hyper tune for sure. Hectic rapping one minute to chillin tune the next.
She's a bit of a perfumer these days you know....
'Come let me go, do you like my perfume?
Made it home with gasoline and shrooms'
'Why is your tattoo some ugly looking thing?'
It's a question I yearn to ask many people daily.

Now M.I.A's with Jay-Z's label, we can hopefully expect a run of hits to build on last year's attention-grabbing highlights.

M.I.A's Style
Colourful, blinging and unique is a good description.
A love of pattern and prints like with this vintage Versace for Paris Fashion Week last year. 
Amazeballs FROW.
Elizabeth Banks, Christina Hendricks, M.I.A., and Jessica Alba
Kwl pic with Donatella Versace.
Colour popping make-up and patterned leggings funk up the fun.

Taste the rainbow.
Costume hats, frequent hair colour changes
and jewellery headpieces.
Sequinned shorts another fave.
Crazy in glove.
Hoodies for chillaxin.

She can be sweet too.

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Sky Ferreira

The modelling career as you can see above is flying high and the music career below is building nicely as Sky Ferriera played to lucky H&M customers in Oxford Circus this week.
Sky Ferreira plays intimate special gig in Oxford Circus H&M
The NME showcase took place in H&M's fitting rooms of all places. They look more spacious in photos don't they?! Sky continues to work on her first album 'I Will'.
We chose to do this blog as we love these shots from yet another fantastic shoot by Numero. We love this magazine as it's photos have more drama and storytelling than most others.

Numero's editor Elisabeth Djian 'I was bored with magazines that told me how to seduce a man.'

'I wanted to create this magazine for an intelligent, smart woman who wants to read about art, design, music and not about stupidity-creams that take away wrinkles!'
The photos were much in the Bardot vibe you might remember from H&M's recent campaign.
Go Tokyo!

Notion Magazine
This was another cool shoot and would have made good photos for Sky's previous EP Ghost.

We are big fans of her gothic side.

Sultry style.

A sweeter baby doll flavour for these photos
Sky Ferreira by Todd Cole for LOfficiel Netherlands March 2013 6 Sky Ferreira by Todd Cole for L’Officiel Netherlands March 2013

Terry Richardson

Not sure about this pose!


Love the colours of the clothes in these 2 pics.

Partying With The Stars
With A$AP in Jeremy Scott and Miss Perry below.
Assuming this one with Madonna was at the end of the party.
 I'm looking forward to seeing Charli XCX on tour next month.
I think Dior made Mila Kunis look older in these shots. A bit too grown-up and staid for me.

The blonde hair & black leather trick always works doesen't it?

These early photos are interesting especially her hair colour.

You can see the difference to star quality that a flattering and stand out hairstyle can create.

Love the primness!
Do the curls work for you?

Sex kitten stylee!

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