Monday, 10 June 2013

Michelle Harper

How do you like your fashion icons? Avant-garde you say. Good answer, you should read on. Michelle Violy Harper has been favourably compared to Daphne Guinness (who we love) so we decided to check her fashionista prowess out.
Michelle has an exotic background of Columbia near Cartagena and New York. Her love of couture is obvious. She's a big fan of Alexander McQueen and YSL.
Michelle takes risks but does not go OTT just to get photographed and media attention.
She has trained as a chef, worked in an art gallery and has a deep interest in architecture.
Her Grandma was the first of many fashion influences.


She can defo strike a pose.

She told Look magazine 'Be true to yourself. Never try to impersonate someone else'.
'Fashion should make you feel strong, happy and good'.
She has an Isabella Blow attitude to hats.
'Clothes, hair, make-up it's play time!' Venice fun.
Her red lipstick collection includes a Geisha one from Japan.
Elle Mexico style

Her accessories make an impact.
Spaced out Prabal Gurung style.
'Use style as a means of personal expression and improvement.'
She does not have a stylist.
She knows how to have fun.
What's this pervert up to?
She has a great sense of drama
McQueen magic.
With Miraslav Duma.
Amazeballs coats.

All eyes on Michelle.

Talk about an 'in crowd'. NYFW posse.

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