Thursday, 6 June 2013

Summer Creepers

Bernadette's summer styling of creepers is exceptional. The colours on the tied shirt coordinating beautifully with the rest of the look. Her blog is compulsive viewing.

Here's our pick of Underground Shoes new releases with inspiration from our blogging super heroes.

Loving Dom's new hairstyle. The Style2Bones blogger has never looked better!
Apollo double sole £115
Apollo Double Sole Black Leather
Triple sole action with the Cassette player collab £149
Underground x Cassette Playa Collaboration
Mono chrome marvel Cherrish F's super chic creepers.
Prince of Wales creeper boot £155
b-store x Underground Single Sole Prince of Wales Creeper Boot
White leather studded £114
Underground Wulfrun Single Sole White Leather Studded
Lookbook's Ayoub M's Mr Gugu & Miss Go panda sweater is truly funky.
Go grunge with terrific tartan £89
Wulfrun Single Sole Green Tartan
Gold leather £95
Wulfrun Single Sole Gold Leather
Flaming amazing Willabelle Ong! Vote for her in the asos state awards (WA) here: Pale Division blog
Koko leopard print shoe £115
Koko Shoe Leopard Print
Add 10cm to your height with the black patent wedge boot £125
Wulfrun Wedge Boot Black Patent
Amy Valentine's dungarees are seriously kwl.
Gold chain style £114
Wulfrun Single Sole Black Leather / Gold Chain
Dream colour combo of cream and navy £155
b-store Single Sole Navy Blue/Cream Leather
Elle Y from is no 'fake' when it comes to hip fashion.
She does glam gloriously too.
Get your spider senses tingling with this 10 eyelet boot £115
Commando Steel Caps 10 Eyelet Boot White Spiderweb Leather

Gold metallic Chanel creepers equals wow!

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  1. Those are some awesome bloggers! When can i take part of ur blog Narz?!! :p

    1. Wkd idea!! That will need to be a special blog if you're starring in it. A future debut is now now fizzin in ma mind! :) Xx

  2. I love 'Born the Bother You' she's one of my favorite bloggers!
    I'd love to take part in a blogger post on the Narz blog! :)
    My email is: if you wanted to reach me.

    Grace X