Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Tatler's New British Beauties

Phoebe Collings-James for Tatler
One of the reasons programmes such as America's Next Top Model and BNTM are past their heyday is the fact that they don't often find the next big thing. Sure there are exceptions like my personal favourite Ann Ward from cycle 15 but there is rarely a world-beating superstar such as Cara Delevingne.
The other reason I'm a bit bored of these shows is that they just repeat the same tasks, same prizes year after year. So does American Idol! #aintnobodygottimeforthat
Let's talk about you now. Have you got a keen eye for star potential? Can you spot who has long term superstardom ahead, and who merely is flavour of the month?
Pick out your faves from Tatler's select New British Beauties stars.
July issue out now. Shot by Angelo Pennetta.

Suki Waterhouse
My favourite from the magazine, Suki 20 has real momentum with her modelling and new acting careers. Having Bradley Cooper as a boyfriend is a sign she's here to stay.

Also great in Tatler's Nov 12 issue.

Acting duty for 'Love Rosie'
Burberry Shot

Chic Alert

Interesting look by Arizona Muse.

Andrew Wolfington shoot.

Lily Mcmenamy
Looking great in Chanel, Lily is wowing in editorial after editorial.
Her quirky features gave her a brilliant chance of standing out from the crowd.

Phoebe Collings-James
Artist Phoebe has already been shot by Vogue, i-D and Dazed & Confused.

Evangeline Ling
Amazing amount of character for a 16 year old.
Tatler UK

With sister Bip.
Evangeline Ling (L-R) Bip Ling and Evangeline Ling at the Bally Store on September 8, 2011 in London, England.

Eliza Cummings
Eliza 22 has a bad girl vibe and backs that up with friends such as Alice Dellal and Daisy Lowe.
Vogue China shot.

Mary Charteris

Model, dj and Big Pink band member.
Check her Pam Hogg wedding dress!
Newlyweds Robbie Furze and Lady Mary Charteris at Stanway House in Gloucestershire
Hanging with Rita at Fran Cutler's birthday party.
Feeling this look.
Dolce & Gabbana stylee

Suki's our tip to be standing in the modelling hall of fame.

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  1. Stunning ladies, so beautiful, talented!