Monday, 25 November 2013

Malaika Firth

It's smiles all around as hot new Kenyan and British model Malaika Firth debuts for Victoria's Secret catwalk show.
Born in Kenya, her name means Angel but she's not from Harlem she's from Essex! Malaika moved from Kenya aged 7. What an amazing team of British models wowing for VS. Josephine Skriver is awesome too.

Aged 19 she made her debut catwalk season a memorable one starring no less than 56 times during the fashion weeks. 
Who knew that watching TV with your mum is the perfect way to start your modelling career! One phone call by Mum to Premier Model Management after watching a documentary and Malaika's career was up and running.

Carol White Premier's founder "What drew me to Malaika were almond eyes, caramel-kissed skin tone and unruly locks."

She's only the second ever black model to feature in a Prada campaign. "I'm proud that I'm the second black model but I'm also biracial. It's a positive that I'm not white and I'm not black." Fantastic colours.
Leading the way for Valentino.
Dignity and poise plus Cara!
Valentino is more fun when the hem is shorter.
Pucci made full use of her 5'9 height and 23 inch waist. Yes 23!
Dolce Diva suits her!
Backstage at Jason Wu with Anais Mali and Maria Borges. 

One of Jean Paul Gaultier's best Spring looks.

Burberry Babe.
Malaika's a big fan of singer Erykah Badu.
Isn't she glovely? Isn't she wonderful? Isn't she precious? Less than one modelling year old.

Pout and about.
Woo Jason Wu!
LBD time.

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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Joan Smalls For Vogue Spain

She's been sitting at the top of the list of the World's Top Models for over a year now and shows no sign of giving in to the challenge of her rivals! Joan Smalls worked with Karl Lagerfeld for these fab photos for Vogue Spain.
As you may have seen on our World's Highest Paid Models blog she is the 8th in that list behind peeps like Gisele and Kate Moss.
"When I said pick me up at 8..."
This is the best I've seen over-the-knee boots styled. I'm not normally a fan but this is kwl.
You go your way and I'll go mine!
"We are going around in circles in zis relationship darlinks"
Finally shaking him off, there is a strength in her face that Naomi Cambell would appreciate.
I like the leather jacket paired with a brilliant pencil skirt.
Vogue Spain
Feeling Chanel tweed 2013 style?
Looking back over my smoulder.
Recently for VS.
World's hairiest armpits.
Backstage babes.
With Lily Donaldson.

Gob-smackingly Good!
Jourdan Dunn is working once again with Beyonce but this time alongside Joan Smalls
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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Hirari Ikeda for Diesel


#dieseltribute out nov 4th. my first denim capsule collection for diesel 
hirari ikeda by nick knight using iphone

Another of the Hirari for Diesel images! So happy to see Hirari getting recognized internationally.
I spotted these kwl photos of Hirari Ikeda modelling for Diesel's new capsule collection by Nicola Formichetti on the brilliant Tokyo Fashion tumblr

#DIESELTRIBUTE denim collection out nov 4th. diesel stores worldwide.
hirari shot by nick knight using iphone 

Hirari for Diesel.
Nicola took 35 years of Diesel denim excellence and gave it a 2013 twist and revamp.
Each patch on the denim was chosen to tell a specific story from Diesel's archive.
Bag £245, vest £500, sneakers £155
Photo: #dieseltribute denim capsule collection is in stores starting monday NOV 4th. excited!! x

Georgia May Jagger and Brooke Candy modelled at the Diesel Tokyo Party recently.

Tessa Kuragi made a great vamp.

Hirari Style
Thee HIrari Ikeda on the street in Shibuya. New street snaps of Hirari here!
Didn't you know that your dreads should be monochrome?!
Eclectic and electric outfit last month in Shibuya.
Hirari on the street in Shibuya.
Sock it to me!

Never blend into the background.

Goldeneye she'll find your weakness!

Top bombing jacket with Maho Uehara

That pose is contagious! With Juria.

Stop calling, stop calling, I don't wanna think anymore.

Important to be visible when cycling.

A star is worn.

Get gothic!

or graphic


Locker ladies.

With Juria and the gang.

Taste the rainbow

We need at least 12 forms of id to let you past.

Express fashion.

Biker babe.

Ravishing Retro

Find the yin to your yang

High five for high fashion
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