Monday, 4 March 2013

Helena Rubenstein

"There are no ugly women, only lazy ones". 
The superb Helena Rubenstein should be a role model for girls far more than any TV reality star.
Helena was a genius businesswoman who brought skincare and make-up to the masses. Her energy, talent and ambition created a beauty empire.
Here are a few highlights from Tessa Cunningham's brilliant article in The Daily Mail on Helena.

10 tips on how she got to the top.

1: Don't Let Them Marry You Off
Helena turned down any attempts to pair her up by her parents in Poland. She valued independence and ambition over domestic obedience.

2: Seek Out Opportunity
She went to Australia to make her fortune with 12 pots of her mother's home-made face cream and it's 'secret ingredients'.

3: Get The Image Right
Demi Moore
Arriving in a new country allowed Helena to tinker with her name (from Chaja Helena to Helena Juliet) and her age 24 to 20. She set her prices high "Women won't buy anything cheap."

4: Pay Your Dues
Helena worked as a maid and a nanny for rich families and took that opportunity to tell them all about her special skin cream. They lapped it up and soon her mother could not send enough supplies to keep up with demand.

5: Keep Learning
Helena next got a job in a chemists and then paid to study with a brilliant chemist and dermatologists. The knowledge gained improved products and profits. Still crafty about image she posed in a white coat and pretended that she had a degree.

6: Search For Bigger Opportunites 
Helena headed to England to open a salon in Mayfair and launch a make-up range. 

7: Attract Trendsetters 
The Prime Minister's wife Margot Asquith was a key client of Helena's and the rest of the country wanted to keep up with the new look.

8: Innovate
Rouging your cheeks, mascara, matte face powder and blusher are Helena's gifts to looking your best.

9: Seek Bigger Opportunities Again!
Helena went to America in 1914 and expanded her empire and products to great success. She was able to sell 75% of her business for $7.3 million (£60m in today's moolah).

10: Admit Mistakes
The bank that bought Helena's shares planned to con customers by selling cheap products under her name. Aghast she bought her company back asap. Image is everything remember.

Don't forget love.
"Beside Helena, every other woman is uninteresting". 
Helena's husband Prince Artchil

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  1. Very interesting and quite inspirational! She was a clever women alright!