Sunday, 3 March 2013

Johnny Harrington

You may not be able to grow one, but beards are definitely on trend don't cha know. Johnny Harrington's beard is particularly hot right now.
The face of John Lewis and star of Kooples campaigns, Johnny is used to being called a tramp but his dishevelled look is far from dirty.
This E Tautz look from LFW does him no favours though!

Here's some highlights from Will Pavia's interview with Johnny for The Times.
Johnny joined a modelling agency having previously turned down scouts who approached him in the street when he visited London. "But I was a kitchen fitter from Milton Keynes. and it was like, what? No!"
He now models in London, New York, Milan, LA , everywhere basically.
Bringing up Beardy!
These are great shots for Archie Foal in 2010. On his first day as a catwalk model though he was asked to walk with a bag over his head.
His fee "Twenty pence in a cup!".
Johnny Harrington by J C Gray for Archie Foal Oct 2010
He's often compared to Damian Lewis's Brodie character in Homeland when he was a Taleban prisoner.
Johnny has a humble attitude and fun sense of humour about such remarks "Loads of people look like tramps. I'm just one of them. Ha Ha!".
'That'll do pig'.
Action man.

Flame haired adonis!
Grunge vibin.
Check ma XXL shades Chamon!

cou001 800x1076 Johnny Harrington is in a Rustic Mood for French GQ
You've been hit by, you've been struck by, a bearded criminal.

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  1. I only like short beards, these are tooo much for me!


    1. I hear what you're saying. I was gonna include all the beards from the Oscars but I was all bearded out lol :) xx

  2. Hate to admit it but actually fancy him in one of the photos. Where the face-carpet has been tamed and the hair has had a good helping of some morrocan-oil!