Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Jhene Aiko

I haven't done a music blog for a while now. 2 reasons. One, 2013 was an awful year for music and two my iPod is a bit dodgy at the moment with artists such as Diana Vickers, John Newman and Rebecca Ferguson. See! My silence has been for your own good really!
Allow me to introduce you to the sultry, seductive R&B vibes that Jhene Aiko supplies. 

Chill out to her sweetly soulful voice on 'The Worst'

Jhene is 25 and from LA.
Her debut EP 'Sail Out' was released in 2013.
She's collaborated with artists such as Drake, Big Sean and Childish Gambino.
Big Sean's hit Beware was Jhene's first song to chart on Billboard.
Jhene featured on Drake's album last year and supported him on tour.
With another up and coming singer Banks.

With her daughter Namiko.

'Bed Peace' is great.

Jhene's new twist on R&B can be favourably compared with Frank Ocean's and The Weeknd's classy experimentation to update the genre.

You wouldn't guess from these photos but Jhene has a serious love of tattoos to rival Rihanna's!
Jhene's debut album 'Souled Out' is released this May.

How big can she get? Let's wait and see.

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