Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Madamoiselle Yulia

Some girls don't feel themselves without their make-up on.
 For Madamoiselle Yulia it's her hair colour that is an important reflection of her personality.
It's super important when coordinating outfits and accessories!
So who is this mysterious blue-haired gal?
She can DJ.

She can sing.

With M.I.A and Jeremy Scott.

She can design.

She's a Harajuku girl

And boy can she style!

Best coordination of  hair and tee ever.
This Tokyo fashionista has a serious love of colour.
With style like this Yulia has been snapped up to write for Japan's Nylon magazine.
Pictured her with Yumeninja, Yulia has punk and electro influences in her music and outfits thanks to a love of The Clash and Kraftwerk.
DJ Leo's understated look.
She's harder to impress than Lee Chae Rin and Nicki Minaj/Zolankski/Dungeon Dragon.
Taeyang is her fab skirt buddy.
Strike a pose. Modern day Thinkers!
Love this. Reminiscent of Natalia Kills.

Yulia's Street Style
Yulia's into patterns with perfection.
H to T Hit!

This casual look is easier to replicate.

Refreshing Fashion. Aaaahh!
Get sporty.

Go for a style ride.

Then sweat it out.

She can rock ladylike too.

Make-up Master!
Yulia's Giza jewellery range

Yulia's Twitter

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