Sunday, 12 January 2014


Why so serious Lorde? 
Your troubles are not so hard?
At just 17 you can already put your feet up having topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic.

'Royals' has now had close to 150m hits.

September seen her debut album released to instant success. Lorde quickly becoming one of the World's most talked and blogged about musicians.
But is her fashion good enough to rule the world?!
Let's take a peak.

Lorde's Style!
It's a bit grungy.
A bit gothic.

A bit Florence.
A bit Kate Bush.
"Oh you see, it's me, I'm Lorde.
I've come home again."
A bit hipster.
A bit Amish?

It will leave you more than 'High For This'
and is slightly Rebel-ious.
"Whomp! There it is!"
Fab hair.

That pops with colour.

Cover up vibes.
Be sleevey not sleazy girlfriends.
Lorde is up for 4 Grammys in this January's awards and recently featured on the new Hunger Games soundtrack.

'Team' is another cool song.

Thought she said she'd never be 'Royal'.

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