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Alexander McQueen's Top 5 Moments

Alexander McQueen

Our Number 1 Inspiration

a|w 2009 collection

For breathtaking fashion and memorable catwalk shows Alexander McQueen was quite simply the best. His collections were full of passion, drama and electrifying storytelling moments that were the highlights of the fashion weeks that he took part in.

Here is our top 5 McQueen Moments

Moment 1: Kate Moss Hologram

The Kate Moss hologram was the finale to the 2006 autumn/winter show that moved, surprised and delighted everyone. The audience unsure what the hologram was until it slowly morphed into Kate.

Here's a closer look at both model and dress!

Moment 2: McQueen's Robot Ballet

This moment was incredibly moving as the robots spray-painted a design onto model Aimee Mullins dress.

Sometimes it's the gentle things that take the breath away...

Beautiful Aimee is a double leg amputee and walked down the catwalk on hand-carved wooden legs.

Moment 3: Lady Gaga's Bad Romance

Lee's futuristic Plato's Atlantis 2010 Collection was simply stunning.

On the catwalk show it was the first time the world got to hear the soon to be iconic Lady Gaga's
Bad Romance

Fabulously futuristic with a revolutionary snake print that is still unsurpassed

Sci-Fi alien influenced hairstyles

Possibly Lee's most famous shoe the Armadillo!

Walk, walk, fashion baby . Work it, move that bit crazy.

Lady Gaga peaked at this moment for us. She will have pull something special to ever top this. Over 400 million youtube views.

Moment 4:The Girl Who Lived In A Tree

Inspired by a trip to India and a dream about a Princess who lived in a tree this was for us Lee's finest collection.

Majestic, opulent and regal.

It's best to use a money checker pen on large notes

Amazing hairstyles in the style of trees!

This model branched out on her own
The new Twiggy 
Handbag Faberge egg stylee. 
I would catch a grenade for ya, yeah, yeah, yeah.
The Tree Centrepiece

Highlights from McQueen's finest collection 

Moment 5: Horn of Plenty A/W 2009

Troubling times in the global economy was reflected in Lee's 2009 collection. Dark and aggressive it really packed a punch.
The image on the right especially is freaking amazing

Armour ready for anything!

Love how the make-up is clownish and fetish-like

Beautiful yet hellish footwear


Alexander McQueen's talent was beautiful, amazing and inspiring
 Miss you Lee
Lee McQueen 1969-2010
Lee with his biggest supporter and number one fan, fashion legend Isabella Blow.

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