Sunday, 29 July 2012

Cinnamon Girl

It's refreshing to blog about a singer who has had thousands of Youtube views as it may mean you're ahead of the trend for once! Cinnamon Girl is another cool talent from Scandinavia. For us Scandinavia and Canada are where it's at at the minute.

Cinnamon Girl is Danish singer Camilla Roholm. She chose the name to sound like a superhero! There is a big electro pop influence in her music.

Checkout the 80s vibe in 'Devil in Me'

Lots of bright colours, neon, prints and clashing in her stylee.


Her first single 'Friends' led to comparisons with Gwen Stefani, Marina & The Diamonds, Madonna and Charli XCX. We bet Cinnamon Girl is not so cool with all this labelling. Her love of punk is an influence in this one.

Camilla Modelling
We're really impressed by the modelling pics we found of Camilla. Her look and style reminds us of Amanda Hendrick who is fantastic. 


Posted Image

Notion Magazine

The lady is a vamp.

Camilla has lots of potential both musically and in modelling. She's one to watch!
Cinnamon Girl's songs Devil in Me and Friends can both be downloaded for free. 
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