Thursday, 26 April 2012

Alternative Fashion Week London

The Talent & The Craziness of Alternative Fashion Week!

Narzipan took part at this year's Alternative Fashion Week at Spitalfields Market in London. We had a busy time trading in the market place but kept sneaking off to see the catwalk show everyday at 2pm. 80 designers were chosen to showcase on the catwalk with around 14 designers showing everyday.

Most of the designers were from the UK but Europe was also strongly represented and even Uruguay and Sri Lanka had designers there. The designers included independent labels and recent textile and fashion graduates all relishing the chance to present their work to the press, public and fashion industry.

We will do a separate blog on Narzipan at AFW but here is what you missed on the catwalks.

Day One Highlights

Faye de-Boorder  1:17
Victoria Geaney 4:26
Chantal Gibbs-Jones 4:39

Day 2 Highlights

Georgia Nash 2:24
Victoria Bramwell 3:11
Jylle Navarro 4:28
Gemma McDonald 5:06

Day 3 Highlights

Bib&Brace 1:30
Brett Mettler 2:14
Mary Radcliffe&Lucy Tiffney 3:00 

Day 4 Highlights

Kathryn Brady 2:14
Charlotte Smith 2:55

Day 5 Highlights

Sophie Mason 3:52
Sasha Louise 4:47
Newham College 5:10

Day 6 Highlights

Queesra Abbas Dad & Christopher King 0:59
Louise Atwood 5:10
Nina Davies 5:55

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