Sunday, 15 April 2012

India Pics!

Our trip to India in March

A Rajasthan Gypsy
We loved this amazing girl we came across in India. A travelling Rajasthan gypsy her hand-made dress blew us away with it's intricacy and detailing.

Wonderful accessories too
The pattern is really original and the embellishment and fringeing add extra interest

These are school children in the village of Paddi Jagir in the Punjab province in India where our family originates from.

Future Supermodels!
This little princess is Kagal. Her outfit is such a lovely colour. Kagal's mother abandoned her at birth so she is now looked after by her Grandma and slightly older brothers. Her brothers are very proud of her and very sweet and attentive to her.

Pretty Kagal

We always throw a party for the kids at the village school on the last day of our trip. With some sweets, food and music its easy to have a fun time.

Dancing time for the school kids

Paddi Jagir is a small village and livestock such as camels and buffalo are priceless resources

Mama do the hump, Mama do the hump hump

Do you mind?!

Meanwhile in the city..

This city is Ludhiana which is a major industrial centre in northern India. Still in the Punjab province it is a culture shock compared to our little village with a population over a million and hectic traffic.

There is no such thing as boring drab lorries in Punjab Province. Nearly every truck is decorated and painted.

Ready to pounce on weak pedestrians and wildebeest

Trucks are nowhere as cool as horses though.

This fruit seller sold amazing tasting fruit but was very distracted when we bought from him.

How dare he text peeps when we want oranges!

Narzipan Business

We gets lots of quality, beautiful fabric from this seller but we do need to get him to show us a more interesting fabric next time!

This is enough material to make one fancy dress ghost

This guy is a street clothes dyer. You can take absolutely anything to him and he will colour it for less than a pound. Bargain!

And finally..

This is the Ganesha, one of the best known and widely worshiped Hindu deities. His elephant head makes him so easy to remember and he is revered as the Remover of Obstacles.


Parting is always such sweet sorrow.

Until next time

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