Friday, 8 June 2012

Kimbra From Gotye

Kimbra The Chameleon!

With her album due out this July it's time we take a closer look at Kimbra Johnson the girl who screams down poor Gotye's ear in worldwide hit Somebody That I Used To Know

Let him have it Kimbra!

What's especially interesting about Kiwi Kimbra is that before settling on her current 50s influenced image she tried an amazing variety of looks and styles. So many that we nickname her Kimbra The Chameleon!

Below are some of celebs that Kimbra's been channelling in her own funky way.

Katy Perry

Kimbra could pass for Katy in this shoot below. Such a good lookalike she could be the next Morganna Freeman V.I.P Impressionist

Katy's natural hair colour is our fave

Her love of bright colour and loud personality is referenced in Kimbra's video for Cameo Lover

 Cameo Lover is about recovering from a broken heart and finding your way out of the darkness and back into the light and colour again.

Marina & The Diamonds

Marina's style is fun, colourful with a love of embellishment. Kimbra glams it up beautifully below.

Kimbra's Vibe

OMG! You look just like Shakira, no, no,
 you're Catherine Zeta. Actually my name's Maria


Bjork's infamous swan Oscar dress

Kimbra does not go THAT far but credits Bjork as a key inspiration

Such great detailing

Bjork's amazing hair is still setting trends 

Kimbra's electro pink version

Christina Aguilera

Below Kimbra looks more Christina than Christina!

Mick Jagger

Kimbra's got his pout below

Not Harry Styles too?!

We hope we've proven she truly is Kimbra The Chameleon

Kimbra's New Album

Checkout her wonderful vocals on Settle Down

She looks fantastic in this photo.

We love the album artwork

Grab a copy on July 23rd
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