Sunday, 3 June 2012

Narzipan's Witch Style

We love witchcraft so much that we did a whole jewellery collection inspired by it!

We like all the interesting symbols from witchcraft and then add in religious references to make our jewellery unique.
Wishbone pendant
The four-crossed medal can be used as a brooch or necklace

 The Blair Witch and her sticks and bones are an inspiration too

It's good to have some Narzipan crosses on standby if the witches gets out of hand

Narzipan cross ring
We used similar jewellery in our Enigma couture collection shoot.


All Narzipan jewellery is hand made. If you would like us to make something personal for you so we can. We can also make you special editions of our jewellery, let you choose the metal we use and add gems like diamonds in. Whatever you like, just ask!

You'd have to be a numbskull to not want a little Narzipan bling

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