Thursday, 3 July 2014

Irregular Choice Shoes

Little Tipple
Little Tipple £99
"Well looky here! Looky here!" 
Trinkletina £79.99
"My, my! This is most ir-reg-ular!" :-D
Paw Print
Paw Print £125
"Well I just can't believe my eyes!"
Drusha £67.99
"What's all the ruckus? C'mon! Step aside, Brother!"
Naughty Smile
Naughty Smile £59.49
"What's cookin round here boys?"
Eye I
Eye I £39.99

Irregular Choice shoes are what's cooking guys! A label designed for those of us who don't do neutral or safe or predictable!
Abigails Party
Abigail's Party £94.99
With colours that zing, dainty details and pop culture references each shoe is a guaranteed head-turner.
Kissing Kate
Kissing Kate £79.99
Amazing heels!
Hello Ha
Hello Ha £79.99
Bewitching gothic beauties.
Go retro!
Beach Trip
Beach Trip £74.99
Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie £89.10
Funk up the fun.
Fang Tastic
(Haribo) Fang Tastic £44.99

Toy Box
Toy Box £145
Toy Box

Wow with your denim.
Inverse £59.99
Get dainty.
Betseys Buttons
Betseys Buttons £94.99
Holla with yo dollars.
Catnip £39.99
Pin-up perfection.
Lola Clutch
Lola Clutch £48
Earrings That Sing
Mr Chips
Mr Chips £6.50

Lucy Lolly
Lucy Lolly £6.50

Chilli Dog
Chilli Dog £3.99
Ring Your Bell
Jawjus £15

Tash Party
Tash Party £6.50

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