Sunday, 7 September 2014

K Rizz

With songs such as 'Yes Bitch' and 'Booby Trap' K Rizz is a rapper with attitude a la Nicki Minaj stylee. We like her video 'Hello Kitty' the most.

K-Rizz is 22 and from Queens. She is backed in career by her bf and producer Roc'Well.
Statement hair and eye-catching accessories make her style kwl.

Love this make-up!
Gotta love a bit of dress down/up Friday

K Rizz featured in last year's Junglep*ssy video 'Stiches'
With Charnelle
Pardon my lang but...
"Told these bitches
I done told these bitches
If you messing with my man
I'm goin leave yo a** in stiches"

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