Sunday, 1 February 2015


"I go dancing by myself
I go dancing with no one else
Solo dancing push me as I go
I go dancing it's so intense
I will dance till the bitter end
No point in asking
Cause I always dance alone
Hypnotized by a lot of emotion
Music stop and the spell is broken
I go dancing by myself"

Don't be invading Indiana's dance space y'all! 
Can't a girl just dance without being pestered?!

I'm not massively into trip hop electronica but I do like that song. Indiana is 27 year old Lauren Henson and she describes her music as 'menacing and atmospheric' ( a bit like my local bars).

Her influences include the XX, Frank Ocean and Gary Numan.
'Heart On Fire' is another album highlight.

Indiana's debut album is out 2nd February

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