Monday, 27 August 2012

Azealia Banks

We first heard about Azealia Banks when Nme magazine mentioned her 212 video last year. When they chose her to top their 2011 cool list we paid attention and got tickets to see her on the Nme tour in February. She was amazing.
“What’s the run dude?”
Azealia Banks
What was really interesting was that she had not yet attracted all the designer love she gets nowadays so we have watched her and her style grow massively in just 6 months.
Alexander Wang and Azealia Banks at the Met Ball 2012
Met Ball 2012 with Alexander Wang
Azealia's Style Evolution
Before the designer fans her style was more like this 

First Fashion Footstep
The first thing she did style-wise was dye her hair pink for the Nme tour in February then change it nearly every week.
Beware she makes you sing the C word back to her.
Next blue and green.
Then purple.

Us Brits fell for Azealia big time on this tour.
More recently it's been red.
Green and purple now for Dazed & Confused magazine.
This fashion fun quickly got her noticed by Karl Lagerfeld.
In March he flew her to Tokyo to sing at a Chanel party.

By April GQ magazine were feeling Azealia.
Don’t let the sweetness fool you. Badass rapper!
Azealia Banks for GQ magazine

 Love magazine seen her as an angel and put her in Vivienne Westwood Gold Label.

May seen the launch of EP 1991 featuring 212.
'212' very rude indeed.
Versace for W magazine.
Azealia Banks for W magazine wearing Versace
June really raised our eyebrows with the super slick look that Nicholas Formichetti styled her for Liquorice video.

Liquorice video (explicit).

Waterfalls start with just a drop of water and Azealia's expression of personality through her hair has evolved to the Mermaid fancy dress balls/gigs that Azealia regularly throws for fans and fellow rappers.

As well as mermaids, she's into butterlflies,
and genies.

Alexander Wang used Azealia for his autumn/winter campaign.

Her Van Vogue launch was so popular Rankin's website kept crashing.

She's on top form with Van Vogue.

This Spin magazine look fits in with the 'aquababes' theme she's got going with the mermaid ball.

Dazed & Confused

Behind the feistiness and bad language she's a sweetie really.

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  1. her hair is freaking amazing!!

    1. She's easily the best at coloured hair whereas peeps like Katy Perry look better their natural colour.