Wednesday, 22 August 2012

New Narzipan Sweaters Part 2

Narzipan's New Collection Part 2!
Well looky here at part 2 of Narzipan's Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. We have 11 more beauties to reveal this time.
This jumper has a leatherette Peter Pan collar and lace V trim.
This sweater is an update on the one that Jade from Little Mix bought from Red Mutha.
It's had the most reaction on our tumblr page too.
It's clowning time with our purple sweater.
Check out the flower detailing.
We're especially proud of the lace detail in this one.
White rose centrepiece.
The sequins and colour in this one are really eye-catching.
Make like a snake you vipers!
Unique cross motif  and black  lace collar combo.
This jumper has a gothic vibe.
Smart floral pattern.
We chose this fabric as it has a graffiti vibe to it.
Rock a sequinned bow tie.

The fringing on this sweater is a nice touch.
Leatherette panel.
80s Hip Hop jumper style. Get blinged up gold medal stylee.
Make like a rapper with this bling necklace.
This one was a bestseller at the Clothes Show live.
Diamonds are forever and ever...


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  1. Nice! My favourite is the green bow tie one :3 xoxo