Thursday, 23 August 2012

Boy London

Boy London has built on the buzz that Rihanna gave the band back in February. Alex at Pons Nation loved it then and it's prominence in celeb land and the high street gets ever more obvious.

Boy London was founded in 1977 then went supersonic in the 80s. The 90s saw its prevalence in and around the Ibiza and house music scene.
Boy London
Eventually going out of fashion the company closed down until it's phoenix-like resurrection in 2007. 
This year the brand is back on top and coveted by A-listers to give their image attitude and street cred.

It's got its cult status back big time. 
Cher Lloyd blazin in mix-matched trainers.
Nicki Minaj wears the brand casually and on stage.
The  brand works best when it's worn with other statement pieces.
Jessie J's belt is the added touch needed to make the print work.
Studs and bling up Boy's attitude and impact.
Big Bang 

Rita Ora 'How We Do' video

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Juliett K does it brilliantly different.
Long X Boy collection
Spindle magazine feature.
One thing we would say though is that you need to take the Boy top and leggings and funk up the rest of your outfit too. It's a mistake to just wear a Boy t-shirt over standard jeans as it looks dated rather than cool retro. 

It's a good sign for the brand's longevity that Andy Warhol loved the brand too in the 80s. 
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  1. Big Bang yay!! ♥
    It's impressive how it's made a massive comeback xoxo

  2. Thanks for the mention ;)
    Everybody seems to be on the Boy London ting now,
    infectious :3

    1. You are 5 months ahead of everyone else little trendsetter! xx