Sunday, 20 April 2014

Joel Compass

"Take the blame.
I'll take the shame"
"Clear the passion from my name.
Even if you tried, I feel the same".
"Forgive me while I forget you"

Joel Compass is progressing at a rate of knots with his R&B infused with house and drum&bass.
Is this the British equivalent of America's R&B pioneers Frank Ocean, The Weeknd and Miguel?
With Sam Smith and Kwabs.
Joel has been making the transition from producer to lyricist with exciting potential and acclaimed tunes such as 'Forgive Me' and 'Run'. With Zane 'Dip It' Lowe.

"How I am supposed to love you 
When all you ever do is run?"

Joel has also been finding time to work on Cheryl Cole's new album.
Joel has a big gig at XOYO coming up soon and has previously supported Joe Cole on tour.

Even his kisses are Smokin'!

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