Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Ms Mr

Ms Mr are a duo with tunes to thrill! 
Haunting, chilling and spine tingling, Lizzy Plapinger and Max Herschenow want their songs to get under your skin.
Lizzy Plapinger's stunning yet slippery vocals elevates the duo above so many Chill Wave acts that are so chilled you're bored waiting for anything exciting to happen. Their love of tumblr shines bright on their 'Hurricane' video.

Listen to 'Hurricane' with the volume up!

Hurricane got a big publicity shot in the arm when Tom Ford used the song to present his Spring/Summer 2013 collection to the media. Simultaneously inspiring the models and intriguing the media with this fresh new sound.

Tom Ford's collection is worth a peeky

They get fantastic comparisons to acts such as Lana Del Rey, Florence & The Machine due to the atmosphere, nostalgia and Lizzy's standout singing and Max's pulsating sounds. 

Other more indie inspired comparisons include Bat For Lashes, Zola Jesus and Polica.
Ms Mr have toured with acts such as Marina & The Diamonds and Grouplove .

'Time of My Life' see's Lizzy show she could let rip with that voice of hers.

Max is from Idaho and Lizzy was born in London. They met at college but it wasn't until after graduating and moving to New York that they started to make beautiful music together.
Before the hype started building this year Max had been waiting tables to fund his synth musical genius.

Candy Bar Creepshow is their first EP.

Chali XcX did a cool remix of 'Bones' and is pictured here with Lizzy going for Barbie Doll grunge vibe.
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Told you they were haunting.

Their album is due for release next May. Guarantee you they will be seriously 'smokin' by then.

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