Thursday, 27 December 2012

Best Dressed 2012

And the winner is... RIHANNA!
Gaga is no longer the world's biggest star, this has been Rihanna's year both musically and fashion wise.
Victoria's Secret Show
Rihanna has had so much fun with her style, fearlessly taking chances, endless variety and a sense of humour have made her untouchable.
She rocks street style and glam as if that's so easy.
Time 100 Gala 
From baseball caps..
Rihanna - 2012 Coachella Music Festival - Day 2

to Tom Ford at the Met Ball.

From Proenza Schouler jackets..
Rihanna Clothes
to skinny jeans
Rihanna Clothes

and Kenzo sweaters.
Rihanna Kenzo style.
At the Battleship premieres Rihanna wowed in an Adam Selman dress
and a Emilio Pucci pants suit.
From Trapstar beanies to..
Rihanna Clothes
double denim.
Rihanna Clothes
Colour blocking done to perfection.
Staying chic on hols.
Rihanna Clothes
Rocking Stella McCartney. I rest my case!
 Rihanna With Low Cut Gown

2nd Solange Knowles
Solange Knowles has a special place in our hearts. Total adoration is our attitude to Solange.
She is the queen of colour, prints and patterns.

2011 9619 540x540 ASH New York Store Opening Hosted By Solange Knowles
Clashing patterns and tribal prints are a forte.
Janelle & Solange
Amazing legs helps too.
Solange Knowles in Cavalli dress and jacket.

Beyonce & Solange
She makes it all look so natural.
Solange Knowles.

3rd Cara Delevingne

Although she can do glam it's Cara Delevingne's street style with a kooky and grungy vibe we especially admire.
Cara's fave fashion item has to be her leather jacket.

Jourdan and Cara after VSFS 2012
Love her hair in this pic.
Cara was correctly crowned Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards.
Beanie hats, Jeremy Scott gear, funny faces and coolness are Cara's fashion DNA.

She puts others in the shade
and has everyone eating from the palm of her hand.
But remember she.....
Special Mention Rita Ora
Rita Ora. House of Holland dress.
Rita takes more chances than anybody else and we love her for it. It can be very hit and miss but fashion should be fun and so what if something does not suit you!
Rita Ora Beanie Babe.

Smile Rihanna, 2012 belongs to you.

Who's your top 3?

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  1. Rihanna always looks amazing :)
    Rita Ora has some strange fashion choices, but still quite funky (:

    Cool post!

    1. Rita's still learning whereas Rihanna's on album number 7. 7 albums in 7 years is amazing! Just hope Rita is as good as say Jessie J when I see her in February xx

  2. Rihanna looks best when she goes casual and cool with beanies and jeans :)
    Cara's style is amazing xx

    1. I agree, she just has it. Cara reminds me of Kate Moss in that she has a face, frame and look that gives her a massive head start in looking good xx

  3. Love this post! Rihanna has definitely her own style, and that's what I like about her. Most people say that Lady Gaga has her own style too, but I disagree. It's so forced and she just tries to hard. Rihanna has earned #1!


    1. We are totally together on Gaga. She takes herself far too seriously. Rihanna gets on with it, does her thing whereas Gaga is always ' hey look at me!' x

  4. Rihanna always looks gorgeous, especially in the dress by Adam Selman! Cara is just always stunning xx