Thursday, 3 January 2013

Spring Trend Stripes Marc Jacobs s/s 2013

Marc Jacobs s/s 2013 collection had a 60s vibe big on stripes and monochrome too. Playing with stripes, twirling them and slimming them to make them visually stunning. Marc has come up with sexy silhouettes and looks with impact.
Edie Sedgwick's inspiration as a muse is dominant throughout.

I really like the candy stripes. Super kwl to be seen in these.

These dresses had a jellyfish/octopuss tentacles floating vibe.

Jonathan Saunders paired the stripes with another spring trend metallics. 
A real sunshine partying vibe in these quirky colours.

Dolce & Gabbana added scarves to the mix.
These relaxed looks are fresh yet classy.
Check the kitsch earrings.

High Street Stripes 
H&M are keyed up in style to this trend.
Jersey Dress £19.99

Top £7.99
Schmazing Dress £34.99

Jumper £29.99 Pencil Skirt £29.99

Tights £6.99
Scarf £7.99
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  1. Great post and perfectly timed.

    Call me a purist but I like stripes in black and white only!


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