Saturday, 12 January 2013


They defied all the odds and the fashion snobs to become one of Xmas's biggest sellers. Onesies put the fun and cosiness  into Xmas. Cara Delevingne led the way with one from's animal range. Rihanna let it influence her forthcoming River Island range. 

She got pretty cosy for those long flights..

And at home too.

Jessie J teamed hers with a biker jacket!
Jessie J styles up onesie in London
Rita Ora rocked floral style 
Rita Ora - Rita Ora in a Floral Onesie 4
and owl style.

Does Ellie Goulding top your onesie charts too?
1D's current stylist pointed out that this was BEFORE she took over.
One Direction, the British boy band, sporting one piece zip-up suits.
But look what Noah Cyrus wears!

Selena Gomez is very cute.

I don't think you can get any more chic in a onesie than Alessandra Ambrosio.
Jade from Little Mix like many wore hers to open presents on Xmas day.
Stooshe went street vibe wit attitude.
Music-over-sound tumblr Monkey Style
lollipop-01 Pandas to the trend.
 Dreaming-dirty as Stitch!
Flying squirrel style

A friend at Asos loves Adventure Time Style.


Try These!
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Panda Print £15

Zebra Print £15

Make like Mariah Carey! Mrs Xmas £25

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Ain't being funny. I know another bee's been in your honey £25

Missguided  Snowflake £19.99

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  1. Animal onesies are the best! Cara D is the best onsie-wearer:) x

  2. These are awesome. It's so much like the ones that I regularly shop for at They have the same quality and the designs are amazing as well. And the biggest part of onesies is what materials are used to make it more comfortable which is pretty much the whole idea of it.

  3. This blog is really good! I'm looking for a onesie as i am going on a school trip and looking for something snuggly for when we are inside. im really thankful for this blog i think im either going to get the american flag one from boohoo or a stitch one. Tank you!!

    1. You're really sweet and I agree with your choices :) I'm going to update this blog as it's really taken off recently. Hope you're trip is fab xx