Sunday, 20 January 2013

Grunge Style

Grunge Girls

If you want to rock the grunge style here's the ladies you need to follow to be on trend.
Charli XcX

Topshop picked up on Charli's crop top obsession and used her to promote this range.

'You' is a great tune.

Sky Ferriera

'Lost in my Bedroom' 


She could be the biggest torch bearer for grunge in 2013.

She'll be the Queen if she can top hits like Obilvion and Genesis.

queen grimes

Her music is full of eclectic influences such as K Pop, The Weeknd and Marilyn Manson.

Grunge perfection.

Claire can do ladylike too.

Is she the next big thing in R&B? A big hit with Nas will be followed with her solo single 'Sticks and Stones.' Arlissa sits in the glam grunge camp.
Arlissa ma już na koncie duet z Nasem


I have a real soft spot for these guys. Indie songs with a pop and r&b flavour means seriously cool catchy tunes.

Full of attitude and great one-liners they are proving a journalist's dream subject.

'Don't Save Me'

Deap Vally

These rockers bring attitude and toughness to the look.

Ms Mr

Totally love Lizzy's voice. Ms Mr's 'Hurricane' was used by Tom Ford for his s/s 2013 preview.

Kitty Pryde

Wonderland mag call her 'The Hayley Williams of Dream Rap'. Her 'Okay Cupid' video has had over 750k hits.


Think electro-pop but not Pitbull. Quirkier than that!
M0 has sold out her London show this February but is back in May.

Rita Ora

Perhaps more famous for her hip hop 90s vibe, Rita does glam grunge with serious panache.
Rita Ora - Rita Ora Leaves Her Show
Statement coats are her current fetish.

Cara Delevingne

Model of the Year Cara is into cool bands,

fab footwear and chic tartan.

Liza Thorn

Styled by V magazine in a shoot that maximised her Courtney Love influence, Liza is tipped as one of their girls of 2013.


The smash hit tv series is a polar opposite to Sex and The City's glam look.

Grunge Street Style
Bernadette F in Black Milk Leggings
Bernadette F

Statement caps on @ki_zy @kistyle
BloShitUp *foreign accent*

Grunge Shoes

Mary Kate adds edge to her look with Balenciagas.
Derby boots


These shoes are hot right now.

Grimes would love these.

Leopard print on @ki_zy and friend.
My valentine tried to give me a free flower. So fucking KAWAII *_____*
Love this colour!

Check them tights!
Paixão por Cores <3
@ki_zy's twitter


Find some matching homies.
Cory Kennedy, Sky and Cara at Jeremy Scott s/s 2013.
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  1. Love the grunge style so this post made me very very happy!!!

  2. Love it all! Cara + Grimes are the best xx

  3. Love this ALL! Grunge is life. <3