Friday, 12 July 2013

Gin Wigmore

I'm partial to a bit of New Zealand music magic. My favourite act is The Naked & Famous who make great indie pop.
Gin Wigmore is an exciting artist as she has the voice and image that draws favourable comparisons to Amy Winehouse and Duffy. 
She adds a rock artist's passion and aggression to her mix with a love of tattoos to keep things fresh!

An interesting image change for her Man Like That video saw her go from alternative rock to sassy flapper chick. This song was used to advertise James Bond's Skyfall movie don'tcha know.

'Man Like That'

It's the soul in her voice that stands out isn't it?
The first gig she ever went to was Moby 
(who got stomped by Obie).
David Gray, singer of Babylon is a key influence for Gin.
"Gin, we think you suck" former band mates to Gin when they kicked her out of the band a la Jack Black School of Rock Stylee.
She loves Carly Simon who is a freaking brilliant singer.
Her second album Gravel and Wine has seen Gin get steadily growing appreciation for her music.

 'Black Sheep' has a funky rock vibe

'Only Heineken can do zis'
The deep southern states of America gave an authentic blues flavour to the album infused with trips to bars and church in search of real inspiration. It worked a treat!

'Oh my God. 
I've been beaten in the game of love'

Gin and the guys have been deservedly getting positive reviews on the Warped tour currently rocking the USA.

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