Sunday, 29 December 2013

Lily McMenamy for iD Magazine

"I hope life treats you good
I hope life treats you well
I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope"
A fab feature of Lily McMenamy in the latest i-D magazine makes education look fun and not so stressful!
Proud parents! Lily has had some amazing editorials since we first blogged about her in May. 
This is the kind of pose that unfairly gets hate on tumblr and Twitter. Pulling a face that's not flattering is modelling versatility and interesting. Tyra Banks positively calls it 'pretty ugly'. 
Avoid approaching! Attitude alert!
"I didn't know your name what could I do?
I'm left with a picture of you"
She's learnt so much since her Saint Laurent debut.

Lily Love
Viva Moda a/w 2013
Love this pose for them too.

Terry Richardson shot
and another one.
Purple Fashion
Model in motion. Clever!
Harper's Bazaar
Innocence suits her.
Grey Magazine
Flair magazine
With male fashionista/o Theophilus London.

I think the eyes have it Mr Speaker.
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