Thursday, 5 December 2013

Naomi Pilgrim

You know you've found someone new on the scene when you get random results on Google as you search their name. Naomi Pilgrim's name brings up gems such as Naomi Campbell and Scott Pilgrim!
Exotic and experimental is a good description of Naomi. She's 29, born in Sweden but inflamed her music mojo in Barbados. Lots of cool and quirky instrumentation gets flavoured with seductive vocals. 
Naomi's a positive, philosophical kinda gal. "We should stay positive, roll with the punches instead of focusing on the negative stuff."
"Seasons will come and go
Summer sun will turn to snow
That's all I need to know
Sometimes life just isn't fun
Clouds turned over
Without none
I wouldn't notice the sun"

I like lying on the bed contemplating thinking about thinking too.

I present to you 'No Gun'

Falling Whistles, a charity that campaigns for peace in Congo is close to Naomi's heart.

No Gun is out now with Naomi's first EP due out soon.
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