Sunday, 7 October 2012

Funky Sweaters!

We are loving all the cool autumn knitwear around right now. J.W. Anderson are leading the way with Alexa Chung and Leigh Lazark proudly wearing their designs.

Kenzo are grabbing headlines with their tiger sweatshirt.
Got a spare 300 quid?

Little Mix's jumpers cost £334 and are from Ede for Fred Butler.
3.1 PHILLIP LIM The Break Up Pullover Sweater
3.1 Philip Lim's Break Up sweater is also £300.
Markus Lupfer Wolf Print Jumper
Markus Lupter Wolf jumper £210

Topshop Unique's cross jumper is 'only' £295
No wonder Tess Lively has resorted to a 'Fake' alternative.

'Smokin' Lina T. Orphan Arms fox sweater.

Anita M. Choies Gorilla sweater.
These are a bit more reasonable.

H&M £19.99

H&M £19.99
Drop Dead Clothing £45
Drop Dead Clothing £45
Cat Eyes
Drop Dead Clothing £45
Shop Drop Dead Here.

Forever 21 £24.75

Forever 21 £18.75
Red Pattern (Red) Burgundy and Black Cross Print Boxy Jumper | 256928069 | New Look
New Look £24.99
Cream (Cream) Influence Cream I Love Moustache Jumper | 268241113 | New Look
New Look £19.99
Topshop £40

Don't forget us!
 Floral graffiti £30
 Leatherette Collar and lace v trim £30.
 Flower details £30
Sequinned bow tie £30.
Narzipan Shop.
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Drop Dead Shop
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