Saturday, 27 October 2012

Cat Style

Hey cool cats, we're feline a new fashion trend right now.
Jessica Mercedes K is the purrfect example of pussycat style. Her legs and tee are from Tideland.
Say hello to these kitties rocking the trend too.
Tricia Gosingtian's Forever 21 top.
Tricia Gosingtian My Own Fashion Week MOFW Australia
Virgit Canaz's colour clashing.
Aileen E's grunge cat.

Bebe Zeva's cute sweater with lace collar from Yes Style.

Kendall C's Romwe skirt and mickey mouse glasses.

Kendall's Halloween cat vibe. Romwe dress.

Tess Lively's grunge vibe is too wkd.

Flavia D's O mighty dress.

Mayo W's headband from Choies and Romwe tank top.
These guys put the Grrr in Tiger baby!
Cookies Augusto's Etsy purchase.
Ivy Xu's Mexy sweater.

@ki_zy's kwl tumblr accessory post.

hahah hey look it’s a cat bag


Drop Dead Clothing have a fetish for cats.
Dive in!

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  1. The kitty skirt is amazing I so need that
    I'm such a kitty cat fan :3 xoxo

    1. Would defo suit you. Romwe make some kwl stuff xx

  2. This is freakin awesome!

    - True