Monday, 8 October 2012

Kilo Kish

Kilo Kish is a cool Hip Hop singer with a difference. She has her own sound! Sweet, seductive yet full of personality it gives a unique chilled vibe to her songs.

Me and the Young Gods Kilo Kish & Kitty Cash. We’re going to perform our Navy Remix at Terminal 5 on Oct 11th. 
Pictured here with MeLo-X and Kitty Kash she left "super-boring Orlando" to study in NYC. 

Have a peek at 'Navy'

Once in NYC she starting making music for fun with friends Mel McCloud and Smash Simmons forming the Kool Kats Klub.

She specialised in studying Art and doing Bart Simpson impressions. 

Then she made a trippy little song with the band called 'Glass In My Head'
Do your homework and have a listen.

Her EP Homeschool was co-produced by Odd Future members Matt Martian and Syd Tha Kid.

We really like her song 'Make it Right' with Childish Gambino.

She got her BA in Textile Design this summer and wants to do fashion design and music as careers. Her favourite designers include Stella McCartney and Diane Von Furstenburg.

Kilo's Style

Her style is varied, natural and eclectic. We like the Solange Knowles vibe she has in these pics. 

These shots are from GQ magazine.
GQ UK i had on jordans too hahahahaha

Check the style in Shanita Sims's shoot.

This is Kilo's friend photographer Ashley Sebok.
Kilo Kish & Ashley Sebok (image: nyccurbappeal)


Join us in prayer for massive success for this one Kool Kat.

Kilo's twitter
Kilo's tumblr
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