Saturday, 7 September 2013

Chloe Howl

"I'm just trying to work out
How to be like myself
I'm just trying to work out
These cards I've been dealt"
So sings Chloe Howl on her class tune 'Rumour'. The girl in the song has been dealt a bad hand and Chloe has a catchy and clever way of telling her story.
Chloe's debut single 'No Strings' video came out last summer.
"We're gonna go home together
We should really know better
You can't win, at all.
And the problems with no strings is that you can only fall".
Remember those words next time you're ordering yet another a double vodka and Red Bull!
Chloe 18, calls her music "steak & kidney pop, definitely pop but meatier with balls that will fill you up". Indeed. 'No Strings' featured on Kick Ass 2's soundtrack. The soundtrack is better than the movie for me.
"I wonder where you are tonight. No answer on the telephone".

Pay lip service to 'Rumour'

I like how she sings about sad things that have happened to her in a matter-of-fact way. A touch of knowing melancholy rather than full on bitterness.
Chloe's songs are fables of life lessons she has learned "Life is no High School Musical". Sorry if that disheartens you guys! Chloe's care for lyrics comes from childhood when she would have to know what a song's lyrics meant before she could like it and let it into her heart.
A softer look for Nylon magazine feature.
Rocking Autumn trend tartan skirt at Bestival.

The Guardian described Chloe as 'the most exciting UK pop prospect since Lily Allen'.

'No Strings'

"It's a little bit weird having to bare your soul to someone".
Also in the Guardian article Chloe stated her approach to fame "I'm not going to purposely seem all angelic and be like Taylor Swift, like I'm so perfect and clean cut. I'm not overly naughty, I'm not overly well-behaved. It's just normal teenage behaviour."
"Why does it always bubble on me? Is it because I lied when I was 17?"

Catch Chloe in London in November.
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